About us


MimosaTEK was founded in 2014 with the goal of enhancing traditional farming experience on the basis of 4.0 technology, MimosaTek wants to create more sustainable farming models where farmers can:

  • Use less resources but get more output on the same produciton area.

  • Spend more time for family and social activities than the heavy work in their farm.


The team of young people with a lot of enthusiasm, passion, responsibility is our greatest asset, the source of all the ideas, products, and services that MimosaTEK has been, is, and will bring into every farm and field of the farmers.


In every our activities, we follow the Win-Win-Win target, make sure that we share the benefit for our customers, the environment, and for us. Get young and ambitious people to become our guidelines. We go towards a corporate culture full of friendliness, responsibility, and sincerity to ourselves, the community, and society. 


  • Is the only company in Viet Nam listed by CBInsight  in a group of 100+ global technology companies that are contributing to change the future of agriculture.


We always welcome new companions with the spirit of dare to think and dare to make an innovative Vietnamese agricultural sector.

Mimosa Technology Co., Ltd

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