4 Key factors in the Greenhouse microclimate management


is achieved with good control of 4 factors.

Guarantee the photosynthesis, the key factor to decide the productivity.

Ensuring he maximum water evaporation, increasing absorption of CO2 and nutrients.

10% - 50%

Season productivity

Principles of the Greenhouse microclimate management on the IoT platform.


The temperature, humidity, air, illuminating data is measured by a microclimate sensor.


The automatic process on the NG-MGreen controller will control pans and air condition systems based on the VPD algorithm to create an optimal environment for evaporation of the plants.


The data from the system’s sensors are easily stored and extracted from the mPlatform software.


Setting and controlling system by smartphone anytime, anywhere

Solution overview

Talking numbers and photos of deployment

Agricultural products are produced more
Experience a relaxed and effective method of mixing fertilizer
Fertilizers is saved

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