Soil Nutrient Analysis Solution

Soil is a foundation for the growth and development of plants.

Understanding about the type of land is cultivated, for their fertilizing, watering for each stage of plant development will be precise.

Soil understanding


10% - 20%

Season productivity

10% - 30%


10% - 25%

Irrigation water

Principle of Soil nutrient analysis solution on IoT Platform.

Soil Understanding

Combining land structure analysis: clay, sandy soil, mixed soil, and Soil nutrient analysis to receive the specifications about pH, EC, and nutritional content through the analysis process of EUROPINS.

Soil Using

Determine suitable crops with soil that has been tested and analyzed.

Soil conditioning

Before and After any season, the farmer must know the nutrient in which the soil is needed and lacked to improve the best foundation for the plant.

Soil Caring

The number of soil nutrients will need to be replenished most accurately at each stage of the growth and the development of the plant. Based on the result of the analysis process to control the fertilization program for the plants.

Solution process

Talking numbers and photos of deployment

Fertilizers is saved
Irrigation water is saved

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