Out standing productivity
Operating at all the time
Saving Resource

Elevating traditional Farming experience on the Internet of things (IoT) Platform.

We create Precision Agriculture solutions to help the farmers

How do we do it?

Increasing Productivity
Bumper Crop

Yeild and Quality of the agricultural products will be advanced than traditional farming methods

Utility Application
For Idle Farming

Farming experience on Smartphone applications to help the farmers spend more time for family and social activities.

Sustainable Agriculture
Environment Responsibilities

Sustainable agriculture always accompanies the environment and society.


MimosaTEK'S Solutions Ecosystem


Nutrient analysis

 pH Neutralization 

Of The Irrigation Water


Smart Irrigation And Fertilizer 

Management Solution 

Smart Fertilization Management Solution

Kiểm soát vi khí hậu 

nhà kính  

What can we make for the Farmer?

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