Why watering ENOUGH is the most optimal irrigation?


When watering enough

10% - 15%

Crop productivity

10% - 50%

Irrigation Water

10% - 50%


Principles of Precision Irrigation management on IoT platform

Calculate the amount of irrigation water

The weather station provide information to calculate the amount of water the plant needs.

Controlling soil moisture continuously

The Soil moisture sensor measures the moisture every 5 minutes to determine the time to start/ stop irrigating and guarantee the soil moisture always in the optimal threshold.

Cloud management software,

mPlatform sofware stores soil characteristics, crop information and data from sensors to recommend appropriate alarms.

Smartphone management

Combine the NG Mgreen connect internet, all irrigation control tasks as well as sensor data are managed on a smartphone anywhere.

Solution Overview

Talking Numbers and photos of deployment

Irrigation water is saved
Deployment area

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