4 KEY FACTORS in irrigation management through a drip system


is achieved with good control of 4 factors.

10% - 30%

Crop productivity

To 30%


10% - 50%

Irrigation Water

10% - 50%


Principles of Precise Fertilization management on the IoT platform

Providing Nutrient
program of
the plants

Provide a nutrient program for each type of plant and teach the farmers mixed fertilizers before the crop.
* Combine water & soil analysis

Automatic mixing, daily fertilizer / watering control

The smart automatic fertilization machine Rata creates a new fertilization program and independent fertilizer preparation for different growing areas with different programs.

Controlling 4 factors
by sensors and
the software:

mPlatform sofware captures data from humidity, EC, pH sensors and from Smart Green potting medium to analyze the condition of irrigation and nutrient of the plant.

Smartphone management

With the direct Internet connection of Rata Machine, all control tasks, sensors data are controlled and managed on a smartphone anywhere.

Solution Overview

Talking Numbers and photos of deployment

Agricultural products are produced more
( Farmers)
Experience a relaxed and effective method of mixing fertilizer
Fertilizers is saved

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