We select the most advanced technologies of the 4.0 Industrial evolution and apply it to MimosaTEK solutions with the best criteria to match the specifics of the local agricultural industry of both production efficiency and cost.

 We want to let more and more farmers can use the high tech to make the new development of their farming.



 We know that the data is an important role in the new farming way where data is the platform of every decision.That is the reason for our hard-work to update the preciseness on our device so that the farmer’s investment will bring about long-term benefits.



 When a product reaches the farmer’s hand, we consider the opportunity to help them transform traditional farming to a new step, a more modern step. For us,   this is the beginning of a journey with the farmer to succeed.  

 Our “Sechnical Support Services” team is not only helping to solve technical problems, overcome the events of a maximum of 48 hours, but always looking forward to finding solutions that apply to our customers so that we can use the products accurately and effectively.


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