The pH Neutralization Of The Irrigation Water Solution

The pH of irrigation water is unstable that is the reason for nutrient deficiencies despite integrated fertilizers.

Keeping the optimal pH threshold


To guarantee productivity and consistency of seasons

To guarantee an economically and effectively using fertilizers

Eliminates drip tip clogging problems caused by high pH

 Principles of pH neutralization of the irrigation water on IoT platform.

Setting pH threshold

Setting the optimal pH threshold for each type of plant according to the planting method ( hydroponic, soil,…)

Taking samples periodically

The controller takes samples according to the irrigation program to measure the actual pH of the tank.

pH neutralization and Bicarbonate removing

The automatic controller calculates and puts calibrators with O2 to the tank, guarantees pH correction is complete and kept at a stable level.

Smartphone management

the cycle of pH-neutral sampling operation in the tank is updated on smartphones every hour and everywhere.

 *Carbonate greatly affects the stability of pH in irrigation water,

- If this component cannot be excluded, it may be the case that the adjusted pH is still much different from the actual pH at the drip.

- Drip irrigation is stained with white salt and will gradually congestion later.

Solution overview

Talking numbers and photos of deployment

Agricultural products are produced more
Experience a relaxed and effective method of mixing fertilizer
Fertilizers is saved

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